Our process starts with getting a log to where we are going to have it cut (milled).  Once cut, we dry the lumber by stacking each piece  strategically, to allow airflow and to provide support.  This prevents any potential for warping.  Our wood is then kiln dried to perfection, and carefully stored in our private inventory space.

We can take your idea all the way to a finished piece of furniture, or partly finish your project to your desired point. Since we sell lumber and we make finished furniture, it's only natural that we stop anywhere along the way to accommodate budgets and/or your desire to put the finishing touches on your project yourself.


Simply put, we make cool stuff. Be it shelves, desks, tables, benches, or chairs, we like to give our furniture a look that turns heads - especially yours. We can go strictly by your design, or you can trust our judgement.  Our process and pieces are all about making you happy, and your home what you want it to be.