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What we would like to see in the world is people happy with less. We think this is easy if what people are getting is better. Minimalism is a great way to release the stress of having to fill every inch of space with something. So, a natural piece of wood being the focal point of a space brings nature to you, and brings simplicity to where you need it most: your home. 


Over the past years we have been adding tools and skills to the list of things we can make, or have done, for our customers. Too much goes to waste in this world.  And many products are too expensive if you don't know what you are doing, or where to make your purchase. Is our society making poor quality products that quickly deteriorate, and thus need to be thrown away? Or are we throwing away products because we can't afford to buy the best products that we really want, and are thus constantly attempting to upgrade a notch?

Our team works hard to offer you affordable services and furniture options. If you have seen something you like or know of something you need done, fill us in.


If you need milling, give us the details and we can put you in our schedule. Don't worry I hate spam too, this is just for this project. 

Have An Idea? Lets Get to Work!


Thanks! Message sent.

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