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This is our idea of HIGH FASHION. And yes, we love puns.


Sure, we could go into the middle of the woods, find the biggest tree, and cut it down.  But there are hundreds of log yards all over the state with logs slowly decaying, and these logs aren’t currently taking carbon out of our atmosphere.  Since clean air is a good thing, we do our best to leave trees that are standing (and safe) alone.  

The average wood table is usually a hodgepodge of multiple small pieces and glue. Our tables are whole, solid, real-deal wood.  Yet, the average table costs a price that is comparable to ours.  The reason is, we do less work - nature has done wonders, so why try to tame it with our own silly ideas?  We know this M.O. is not for everyone, and we enjoy making the intricate for the sake of beauty as well.  So if you need something that you want us to build a certain way, you're the boss - lets do it. 


Many wood products are just too expensive if you don't know what you are doing or where to buy them.  Years ago, we wanted to make a table, and so we purchased two pieces of wood that were 1.5 inches thick and 7 feet long. They totaled $400!  After surveying a few of our contacts in our modern day rolodex (phone), we realized we already knew a number of sources of wood.  Long story short, our ever-growing collection of contacts allows us to source wood more responsibly and more affordably.


What we would like to see in the world is people finding happiness with less. We think this is easily achievable if what people are getting is better (happily reclaimed wood, resourcefully transformed into furniture).  Minimalism in your home is one way to release the stress of having to fill every inch of space with STUFF.  Choosing a single natural piece of wood as the focal point of a space can bring nature closer to you, and bring simplicity to where you need it the most - your home.

We would love for everyone we meet to be able to have their dream desk or table in their home.  We all work so hard and so much.  Making your work space more enjoyable makes work less unenjoyable (i.e. less sucky). Making your dinner table more beautiful makes your shared moments together around that table all the more beautiful.  Most importantly, we want to make sure everyone is able to afford their dream table, desk, bookshelf, you name it, and we want that piece to be sourced and produced in a manner that is mindful of the environment.  

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